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Precision Air Services Heating and Air Conditioning Company is the highest rated company for furnace installs in Federal Way, Kent, Auburn and Tacoma Washington. We are the authorized dealer for Amana Furnaces and offer a lifetime warranty of our own services plus the lifetime warranty that is for the Amana furnace system.  Our installation practices are clean and efficient.


Heating Conversion from Oil to Natural Gas Furnace


We provide conversions from outdated fuel oil to modern gas furnace installs, connecting homes to natural or LP gas lines.  Never run out of heat due to electric power outage again!  Gas heat is not only obviously cleaner in the home air, it is cleaner to the environment, as well.  This is the same gas utilized in gas water heaters, cooking ranges and some washers and dryers.  By converting to gas from expensive fuel oil and unreliable electric appliances in addition to the home furnace, a power outage will never cause you great concern again!

Conversions such as gas furnace installs that save energy for the planet are eligible for a handsome income tax energy credit. That plus the monthly utility savings to your budget will compensate for the initial cost of conversion from inefficient oil to extremely efficient gas.

Upfront Service before we work on your Heating System

Precision Air Services can advise customers with professional expertise whether their home heating and cooling would benefit from addition of a heat pump to force heated air in the winter and cooled air conditioning air in summer. Our technicians are trained in the benchmark of Precision Air Services of honesty, efficiency, expertise and highest expediency.  We offer services 24/7 because no furnace will wait until store hours to balk, cough and die.

Testing your Furnace Duct-Work

We can analyze your ducts with an inspection to prevent any clogs or leaks to hamper the heating and cooling functions necessary for customer families to survive our Washington winters in warmth and comfort.  Our prices are very competitive, because we are local Washingtonians ourselves with community ties who know the value of fairness, honesty and trust.  Our customer base is comprised of many repeat customers, who give us a Precision Air extended family. That extended customer family also gives us the best advertising a business can never ever buy!

Precision only uses the top rated tools and equipment to bring  winter warmth and summer cooling into the homes of this area.  Our technicians are quick, quiet and the ultimate in experience and training for all furnace installs and repairs.

Whether you anticipate a new gas furnace, a replacement furnace or conversion from expensive and polluting fuel oil, contact Precision Air Services for a home analysis and expert advice on the system best for your home and family.  If you do not expect to need furnace installs help, call us to perform an inspection of the home's ducts and vents to prevent any clog or leak from wasting fuel and creating cold spots in your home.  Repairing or cleaning ductwork is considerably less expensive than furnace repair but can be equally efficient for warmth and cooling.

Put our number ( PH: (253) 874-0165) where you can obtain it quickly in any furnace emergency.  We are local and answer calls 24/7 to keep all our customer families safe, warm and healthy through the worse ice storm our beloved state can endure.

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