Commercial Refrigeration in Tacoma, Auburn, Kent and Federal Way,  WA

Commercial Refrigeration RepairPrecision Air Services is proud to be the go-to expert for the best commercial refrigeration products available for businesses with every type of in-store refrigerators. Our products represent continuous research and even our own personal testing to ensure outstanding performance, all while guaranteeing the best energy levels.

We at Precision Air Services will never recommend any ice machine product that we would not personally have in our own homes. Our products can be relied upon to represent the most reliable refrigeration products in the entire industry. Commercial Refrigeration and Restaurant Refrigeration Repair and Installation is a major industry in the Federal Way, Kent, Auburn and Tacoma. Precision Air Services and Refrigeration is the leading  authority for these essentials.

Federal Government Requires Different Temperatures for Cold Coolers

Food and beverage codes set by the federal government dictate the temperatures and storage requirements for storing food and beverages for human consumption. Our company’s bar cooler, walk in coolers, walk in freezers, commercial ice machines, beer coolers and wine coolers all are regulated in operation by the federal government. Violation of these regulations for food and beverage maintenance results in steep fines and can put a company out of business.  The purpose of the strict government regulations is to protect public health from illness and food poisoning.

The walk in freezers and coolers of Precision Air Services and Refrigeration, Inc. are the best in quality and compliance in the industry. We repair, service, maintain and perform monitoring services for all of our line of equipment. Precision Air Services Refrigeration technicians also install monitoring log systems for mission-critical commercial refrigeration such as pharmaceutical and meat applications.  The regulations surrounding food and beverages apply not only to their in-house storage but also to all transporting of the food items. This is one of the most critical areas in the transporting of goods, due to the life endangerment factors if regulations are not kept.

We are Tacoma’s number to call whenever there is a crisis, breakdown or any refrigerant problem.  Leading Tacoma restaurateurs and affiliated businesses plus large truck lines transporting foodstuffs.   Transporters must absolutely perform at the highest level and prevent costly delays and loss of revenue from spoilage.

Most Americans know their food is dependent upon the transportation by rail and truck; however, most do not realize that if the refrigerants in that transportation fail, the transporter is side railed until proper repair or replacement can be performed.  That food load has to be discarded.  Just as an Army travels on its stomach, the same slogan could apply to the citizens at home.  Precision Air Services Refrigeration is a vital part of the Tacoma food chain and indeed of the entire nation.

Contact Precision Air Services Refrigeration today for a consultation regarding your commercial refrigeration coolers, freezers, refrigerators and other food and beverage storage or transporting venues of your business operation.  We stand by immediate service without delays or excuses from our expert technicians. We have the fastest turn around in the business.  Ask about our glass walk in freezer installation and service.

We can obtain all refrigerant and parts 24/7, because we understand what is hinging on our fast efficient service.  24/7 Get Started Call (253) 239-1467

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