Imperial Walk-in Coolers & Freezers

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Imperial Walk-in Coolers is a leader in temperature management facilities for food service, biotechnology, medical and building construction industries. Our partners, representatives and employees combine to bring innovative structural cold storage solutions to customers.

Precision Air Services Refrigeration has over 20 years experience in installing and repairing walk-in coolers, freezers and refrigeration systems to restaurants, convenience stores and floral shops. In 2000, our business expanded to become one of the largest contractor in Washington.

We Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. What does this mean for you?
To insure the protection of you property and professionalism of our workmanship, Precision Air Services Heating and Furnace Repair is fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.
* Licensed - Precision Air Services Heating and Furnace Repair is registered with the State of Washington (PRECIAS992LH) to perform installation, maintenance, and repair of Refrigeration (HVACR) systems.
* Bonded - Furnace Repair Services has secured funds (controlled by Washington State) that are available for consumer claims against us.
* Insured - Precision Air Services Heating and Air Conditioning is insured in the unlikely event of an accident.

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